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class FireEffectObject

Defined in:  C4Effects.h
The FireEffectObject class encapsulates data pertaining to a procedural fire effect.

class FireEffectObject : public EffectObject

Member Functions
FireEffectObject::GetFireRadius Returns the fire radius.
FireEffectObject::SetFireRadius Sets the fire radius.
FireEffectObject::GetFireHeight Returns the fire height.
FireEffectObject::SetFireHeight Sets the fire height.
FireEffectObject::GetTurbulenceIntensity Returns the turbulence animation intensity.
FireEffectObject::SetTurbulenceIntensity Sets the turbulence animation intensity.
FireEffectObject::GetTurbulenceSpeed Returns the turbulence animation speed.
FireEffectObject::SetTurbulenceSpeed Sets the turbulence animation speed.
FireEffectObject::GetFireLuminance Returns the name of the fire texture.
FireEffectObject::SetFireLuminance Sets the name of the fire texture.
FireEffectObject::GetFireTextureName Returns the name of the fire texture.
FireEffectObject::SetFireTextureName Sets the name of the fire texture.

FireEffectObject(float radius, float height, float intensity, int32 speed, float luminance, const char *textureName);

radius The radius of the fire.
height The height of the fire.
intensity The turbulence animation intensity.
speed The turbulence animation speed.
luminance The fire luminance, in kilocandelas per square meter (kcd/m2).
textureName The name of the fire texture.
Base Classes
EffectObject A FireEffectObject is an object that can be shared by multiple fire effect nodes.
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