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class FrustumCameraObject

Defined in:  C4CameraObjects.h
The FrustumCameraObject class encapsulates data pertaining to a camera using a perspective projection.

class FrustumCameraObject : public CameraObject

Member Functions
FrustumCameraObject::GetFrustumFlags Returns the frustum flags.
FrustumCameraObject::SetFrustumFlags Sets the frustum flags.
FrustumCameraObject::GetProjectionDistance Returns the projection distance.
FrustumCameraObject::SetProjectionDistance Sets the projection distance.
FrustumCameraObject::GetAspectRatio Returns the aspect ratio.
FrustumCameraObject::SetAspectRatio Sets the aspect ratio.

FrustumCameraObject(CameraType type);

FrustumCameraObject(CameraType type, float projection, float aspect);

FrustumCameraObject(float projection, float aspect);

type The camera type. This is only used when constructing a FrustumCameraObject as a base class for another camera object type.
projection The distance to the projection plane. This determines the field of view.
aspect The aspect ratio of the projection. This is the ratio between the width and height of the viewport.

Base Classes
CameraObject A FrustumCameraObject is a specific type of camera object.
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