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class IndirectCameraObject

Defined in:  C4CameraObjects.h
The IndirectCameraObject class encapsulates data pertaining to a camera having an indirect transform. Such cameras are used for rendering recursive view effects such as mirrors or portals through which a remote area of the world can be viewed.

class IndirectCameraObject : public FrustumCameraObject

Member Functions
IndirectCameraObject::GetIndirectTransform Returns the indirect transform.
IndirectCameraObject::SetIndirectTransform Sets the indirect transform.
IndirectCameraObject::GetIndirectDeterminant Returns a value indicating whether the indirect transform contains a reflection.
IndirectCameraObject::GetIndirectClipPlane Returns the geometric clipping plane for the indirect camera.
IndirectCameraObject::SetIndirectClipPlane Sets the geometric clipping plane for the indirect camera.

IndirectCameraObject(float projection, float aspect, const Transform4D& transform, const Vector4D& clipPlane);

projection The distance to the projection plane. This determines the field of view.
aspect The aspect ratio of the projection. This is the ratio between the width and height of the viewport.
transform The world-space indirect transform. This is applied to the camera's world transform.
clipPlane The world-space geometric clipping plane.

Base Classes
FrustumCameraObject An IndirectCameraObject is a specific type of frustum camera object, and thus always uses a perspective projection.
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