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class Process

Defined in:  C4Processes.h
The Process class represents an operation performed on data in a shader graph.

class Process : public GraphElement<Process, Route>, public ListElement<Process>, public Packable,

public Configurable, public Registrable<Process, ProcessRegistration>, public Memory<Process>

Member Functions
Process::GetProcessType Returns the type of a process.
Process::GetPortRoute Returns the route connected to an input port.
Process::GetPortCount Returns the number of input ports for a process.
Process::GetPortFlags Returns the port flags for a specific input port.

Process(ProcessType type);

type The type of the process.
A Process object is a node in a shader graph that represents some kind of operation or data source. Each type of process has between 0 and 4 input ports through which data can be received from other processes. Most types of processes generate an output value that can be sent to the input ports of other processes.
Base Classes
GraphElement<Process, Route> A process is an element in a graph.
ListElement<Process> Used internally by the Graphics Manager.
Packable Processes can be packed for storage in resources.
Configurable Processes can be configured by the user in the Shader Editor.
Registrable<Process, ProcessRegistration> Process types are registered for display in the Shader Editor.
Memory<Process> Components of a shader graph are stored in a dedicated heap.
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