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class CubeMarker

Defined in:  C4Markers.h
The CubeMarker class represents a cube environment map marker node in a world.

class CubeMarker final : public Marker

Member Functions
CubeMarker::GetCubeFlags Returns the cube environment map flags.
CubeMarker::SetCubeFlags Sets the cube environment map flags.
CubeMarker::GetCubeSize Returns the size of the cube texture map.
CubeMarker::SetCubeSize Sets the size of the cube texture map.
CubeMarker::GetTextureFormat Returns the texture format.
CubeMarker::SetTextureFormat Sets the texture format.
CubeMarker::GetTextureName Returns the texture resource name.
CubeMarker::SetTextureName Sets the texture resource name.

CubeMarker(const char *name, TextureFormat format, int32 size);

name The name of the environment map texture resource.
format The texture format that is generated.
size The square size of the cube texture map, in pixels.

Base Classes
Marker A cube environment map marker is a specific type of marker.