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An index of all classes, structs, and hierarchies.

Base Services

Memory Manager

Low-level memory operations.

File Manager

Low-level file access.

Resource Manager

Loading resources, defining custom resource types.

Time Manager

Time access, deferred events, timers, date.

Math Library

Vectors, matrices, quaternions, random numbers.

Utility Library

Lists, maps, arrays, strings, graphs, trees, smart links.

System Managers

Graphics Manager

Renderables, textures, shaders, post-processing.

Sound Manager

Playing sounds, sound flow, audio streaming.

Network Manager

Low-level networking access.

Input Manager

Input devices, actions, control configuration.

System Utilities

Event handling, threads, mutexes, variables, logging.

Large-Scale Architecture

World Manager

Scene graph, nodes, objects, model animation.

Controller System

Controllers, scripts, functions.

Physics Manager

Rigid bodies, joints, force fields.

Message Manager

High-level networking access.

Effect Manager

Particle systems, emitters, panels, markings.

Interface Manager

User interface widgets, windows, menus.

Movie Manager

Playing movies into interface widgets.

Plugin Modules

World Editor

The World Editor plugin API.